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Closing Repairs

Once the inspector issues his or her findings in the home inspection report, we work diligently to complete all the items needed for closing. We are timely, thorough, and provide the type of great quality your clients will be excited about. We cover it all, but here are the most common types of repairs we perform: 


We can repair or replace exhaust pipes, skylights, shingles, gutters, and the chimney. We can also replace the roof (or section of the roof) as needed, all the while working quickly to avoid water damage from those Lowcountry rain showers. 


If a wall needs to go up, we put it up. If a wall needs to come down, we make it look like it never existed. We also build in doors and windows (or replace/reframe the existing ones). 

Home Interior and Exterior

Over time, normal wear and tear can really put a beating on a home. Whether your clients are looking to dress up their home to increase it's value, or the buyer prefers some improvements to be made for the sale, just let us know and we'll get it back to looking new.


Has a damaged subfloor caused a beautiful floor to sag? Maybe the floor isn't so beautiful? Either way, we can make it look the way it's supposed to.  





From toilets to faucet fixtures, we can install anything that enhances the property or has malfunctioned. Leaks and clogs are no match for us! Not only do we repair the problem, we also repair the mayhem it might have caused to the walls or flooring.


Small electrical projects like installing ceiling fans or light dimmers can make a huge impact to the sale of a property. Whether the lights aren't working or the outlets have malfunctioned, we can fix them! We handle the larger projects associated with wiring, too!


CL-100 Repairs

CL-100 Report is a report of visible infestation and damage caused by insects, usually termites or beetles, and decay in accessible areas of a structure. While we don't spray for or remove pests, we do erase the damage they've caused and remove their entry points.